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Month: December 2015

Drink Drive Calculator

Alcohol contributes to around 30 percent of New Zealand’s fatal road crashes. Over the last 10 years, fatal crashes caused by drink-driving have claimed the lives of around 1,100 people and caused serious injuries to another 5,300.

From 1 December 2014, the alcohol limit lowered for drivers aged 20 years and over. This has created confusion and people are unsure of how much they can drink before being over the legal driving limits.

You can use our calculator below to ESTIMATE your Blood Alcohol Level (BAC)

Before you do though, please read the notes below !!

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Man it’s hot today.

Temperatures in Christchurch reached 36.1c at Christchurch Airport around 3pm on 21st December 2015. This is the highest recorded temperature ever in Christchurch and beats the previous December record of 34.5 set in 1975.


At one point MetService recorded 40 degrees at Ohoka in North Canterbury.


Roundabout Indicator Madness

As I cycle to work regularly I getting rather annoyed at the number of people who don’t know how to indicate properly at roundabouts. I’ve had two recent incidents where I’ve almost been hit by drivers doing something different to what they indicated they were going to do.

If you are going straight through, you DON’T indicate a right turn then suddenly flip the indicator to indicate a left turn. ITS WRONG AND CONFUSES OTHERS.

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Traverse Problems

South Pole Traverse 1 (SPot1) is on it’s way back from South Pole Station to McMurdo. Traverse 2 (SPoT2) is about 400 miles out from Pole and it seems the tracks on the Caterpillar Challenger tractors are delaminating.

A bit of a concern and replacement tracks will need to be flown out to be replaced in the field.

Caterpillar Challenger Tractor Unit

Caterpillar Challenger Tractor Unit

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