Pasta Dough

The secret is in the slap. By occasionally slapping the dough down onto the table, the gluten relaxes, making it easier to roll out without springing back. That and generously dusting the dough as you go.pasta_dough


Pasta Dough


  • 5 Cups Flour
  • 4 Eggs Large
  • .33 Cups Water approx


  • Heap the flour into a pile on the bench
  • Use the eggs to make a well in the flour. That way you will know how big to make it.
  • Crack the eggs into the wella nd beat them, pulling in a little flour at a time. Some people use a fork, but I like to use my fingertips.
  • When the mixture turns into a shaggy mass, add a little water at a time until it forms a nice, soft (but not sticky) ball. I almost always use 1/3 cup – sometimes a little more. Knead for a few minutes to bring it together.
  • Next, set the dough aside to rest. It will appear a little bumpy.
  • After resting for at least 30 minutes (longer is fine – you can refrigerate overnight – then bring back to room temperature before working it), all the bumps will smooth out – it’ll be ready for rolling. It’s like a completely different dough.